Three Lakes Association Preserves the Lakes We All Love

Three Lakes Association is a hands-on, grassroots, volunteer-driven organization. We get wet and muddy and into the weeds to collect samples, restore aquatic habitats, and really find out what is going on in our lakes. 

Our board members and volunteers are guided by experts, but we do a lot of the fieldwork ourselves. Here are some of the ways we have immersed ourselves:

  • Experiments on algae development were performed in Torch Lake. 
  • We hand-pulled Eurasian Water milfoil and cleared at least 95% of this invasive plant. 
  • Large numbers of the invasive quagga mussel were found in Torch Lake.
  • Watch a video of our work

Your membership and donations are important ways to show your care for Lake Bellaire, Clam Lake, Torch Lake, Grass River, and all of the tributaries that feed these water bodies. Funds pay for materials and equipment, lab tests, permit fees, and treatments, as well as day-to-day operations, including the newsletter, technology fees, and administrative support, which make it all possible. 

We encourage you to join TLA or renew your membership today. Thank you for your support and being our partner in water protection.

Our Mission

The mission of the Three Lakes Association is to provide leadership to preserve, protect, and improve the environmental quality of the Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed for all generations with emphasis on Lake Bellaire, Clam Lake, Torch Lake and their tributaries.

Since 1966, the Three Lakes Association (TLA) has been actively engaged in a variety of ways which support our mission. From monitoring water quality to actively engaging with our local and state governments, to providing grants for local science education in our schools, TLA has worked to insure that our lakes will remain the wonderful natural resource that we all love and enjoy.

This website contains a wide variety of information on our current and past projects. Please explore the many documents which are available under ‘Projects and Reports’. Our Newsletters are also available, going back to 2004, providing a rich history of our activity.

Introducing TLA

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Three Lakes Association is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your dues and other contributions are tax deductible. We accept credit cards or check via US Mail.

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