The TLA Board has adopted the following goals for 2014: 

  1. Continue project-specific partnerships with The Watershed Center, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, and other lake associations.
    • ERCOL-WPIT Group
    • Annual Local Officials Meeting
    • Macroinvertebrate sampling partnership w/GRNA
    • Work with TOTM Mitt to prepare package for UM Grad students to write 2015 Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed Plan
    • Work with TOTM, TWC, ACD, GRNA and CRA to begin preparing sub-watershed plans for Maury, Shanty, Cold, and Finch Creeks, with 2014 focus on Maury Creek
  2. Enhance environmental education activities.
    • Joint Education Events
    • Antrim County Fair
    • Summer Intern Program
    • Continue Quarterly Newsletter
    •  Implement single issue evening “topic” events
    •  Implement monthly email Information pieces
  3. Continue to support funding  for SEOP program.
    • Encourage additional funding opportunities through membership appeals
    • Outreach to Family Foundations for funding
    • Outreach to participating school districts for funding opportunities
  4. Continue building working relationships with local units of government and universities.
    • LWD Project
    • Extend GIS support from County
    • Annual Local Officials Meeting
    • ACUTE – TCE Plume
    • Prepare and present 10 minute presentation of TLA to local units of government
  5. Exceed a membership base of 500, with focus directed at retention. 
    • Target non-member riparian’s in recruitment
    • Promote upgraded memberships
  6. In cooperation with law enforcement and the other lakes associations in our watershed, Three Lakes Association will respond to water safety issues as the opportunities arise. 
  7. Develop new fundraising opportunities.
    • Implement Environmental Awareness Day
    • Explore and implement memorials and legacies
  8. Actively advocate for mission-matching issues.
    • Expand working relationship with GRNA
  9. Improve internal and external communication.
    • Implement monthly email Information pieces
    • Improve communication and participation using technological advancements such as Skype
    • Increase visibility in newspapers – Antrim  Review, Record Eagle, Elk Rapids News and Leader
    • Publish an Annual Report