Three Lakes Association Works for Everyone!


Three Lakes Association serves the Chain of Lakes Watershed in Antrim County, Michigan.

Water Quality
We have monitored water quality since 1966.We have constructed a predictive water quality model for the protection of our lakes and watershed. We identify potential pollution sites, and work with homeowners and local officials to solve problems.

We publish an informative quarterly newsletter. We collaborate with Grass River Natural Area, Torch Conservation Center and Torch Lake Protection Alliance to produce educational programs for the community on water quality, water safety, invasive species, lakeshore management, and other environmental concerns.
We mentor local high school students in our summer internship program.

Non-profit Status
Three Lakes Association is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your dues and other contributions are tax deductible. Gifts, memorials, and bequests can also be made to Three Lakes Association or the Three Lakes Watershed Conservation Fund administered by the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation. The Three Lakes Watershed Conservation Fund acts as an endowment from which we can use the income but not the principle. Michigan residents receive a 50% state tax credit for contributions to this fund.

By Laws, as amended August 4, 2022
Click HERE to download a PDF version of the TLA By Laws.

Future Planning
We monitor governmental legislation and local development projects that affect our watershed. We work with Antrim County officials, the DEQ, and local developers to ensure that new development is compatible with the natural attractiveness of our area.

Please visit our Identity Document to learn more about how we work.