To see the format to be used this summer to communicate the results of E. coli monitoring shortly after the monitoring results are received from the testing lab and compiled, download the file from the link below.  The most recent test results will appear on the Table, which will continue to show the previous test results for comparison.  The oldest test will be removed to make room for the most recent test results.

Each time this format is used to post new results it will include the E coli Testing Locations Map showing where the samples where collected.  This Map may be enhanced to clearly show these sampling locations.  This format will also continue to include the written information or improved versions of the written information:

  • A brief interpretation of E. coli test results
  • A description of the 2010 E. coli monitoring program
  • TLA’s ongoing Environmental Lake Watch Program.

Document with format for timely reporting of E. Coli monitoring results. (PDF)

E coli Testing Locations Map

2014 Results
June 2014 testing results

2013 Results
July 2013 testing results

2012 Results
Torch Lake Tributaries 06/25/2012
Torch Lake and Tributaries 08/07/2012

2011 Results
Torch Lake Beaches 07/18/11
Torch Lake Tributaries 08/07/11

2010 Results
June 2010 Results
July 2010 Results
July 2010 Retest Results
August 2010 Results