In 2015, TLA began investigating Golden Brown Benthic Algae (GBA). This project is ongoing. We will update this page with additional information as it becomes available.

Here are 3 reports on the summer GBA studies from 2016-2018:
Final Ace-K Human Marker Present in Torch Lake Nearshore Lake Water and Groundwater Samples 2018
Peeper 2017 Golden Brown Algae Study Report v3
Final 2016 GBA_Human Markers Present in Torch Lake Groundwater Samples

As work continues on investigating GBA, work has been done on the tools used to collect information. This report contains information on methodology being used: Dialysis Tubing 2018 Equilibration Study

Here is the report created by Dr.R. Jan Stevenson in 2016: 2016 Study of Golden Brown Algae on the Bottom of Torch Lake, Lake Bellaire, and Clam Lake

On April 27, 2017, Dr. Becky Norris, Three Lake Association, TLA, Water Quality Chair presented the Torch Lake GBA story with findings from research studies performed in 2015 and 2016 with the assistance and guidance of Drs. Pat Kociocek, Rex Lowe and Jan Stevenson. Here are the GBA Mini Symposium Summary Notes. Here is the Mini-Symposium on GBA Group Photo & Names of the participants.

On October 28, 2016,  Becky Norris presented information on the Golden Brown Algae (GBA) study to the Freshwater Summit. Here are the slides and her notes exlaining the slides:

GBA Freshwater Summit Presentation 10-28-2016
GBA Freshwater Summit notes

On July 14, 2016, university experts assisting us with the study of GBA presented the findings to date and helped us understand this recent phenomenon throughout our waters. The speakers  included:

  • Dr. Rex Lowe, U of M Biological Station
  • Dr. Pat Kociolek U of M Biological Station
  • Dr. Jan Stevenson MSU

Here is a PDF of the presentation that was made: Torch lake Presentations 7-14-16

In the spring of 2015, Three Lakes Association (TLA) retained the services of two professors (internationally recognized diatom experts), Rex Lowe and R. Jan Stevenson, to work with TLA’s volunteers to design and conduct an investigation of golden brown benthic algae (GBA) in Torch Lake. Their complete scientific reports, are available here.

In late February, Three Lakes Association was asked to present to the Leelanau Clean Waters Group to update them on our Golden Brown Benthic Algae (GBA) research. A slide presentation was assembled by our Water Quality Committee. We have put the slides together with notes to bring you Watershed 101: GBAGBA Review Feb 2016

Letter to the Editor, Antrim Review  8-21-15

Study Proposal: GBA Study Protocol-3-4-15

FAQ’s: FAQs Golden Brown Benthic Algae investigation

These charts were used at a meeting on 2-9-15:
Discussion-Initiation Golden Brown Benthic Algae in Torch Lake MSU mtg 2-9-15

2017‐2021 Studies of Golden Brown Algae on the Bottom of Torch Lake, Lake Bellaire, and Clam Lake by Dr. Stevenson