2021An Assessment of Torch Lake Snail Grazing on Benthic Algae DiatomsReport
Project Summary
20201.Golden Brown Algae Repopulation Experiment 2020 and
2.Temperature Readings on Lake Bellaire and Intermediate Lake 2020
Report #1
Report #2
2019Survey of Torch Lake and Lake Bellaire for Swimmer’s Itch Cercariae, and Fecal Bacteria using qPCR MethodologyReport
2017Water-Science Projects on: Phosphorus sampling with Peepers, E. coli survey on the Torch Lake sandbar, Cladophora shoreline survey, Stream Monitoring for E. coli, insects and plantsSlides
2016Water-Science Projects on: Large Woody Debris, Eurasian Water Milfoil, Benthic Barriers,
Water chemistry of stream mouths, E. coli, fish shocking, macroinvertebrates
2015Water-Science Projects on: Eurasian Water Milfoil, Benthic Barriers, how to use a hydro lab, E.coli,
fish shocking, macroinvertebrates, flying over the watershed
2014Water-Science Projects on: Eurasian Water Milfoil, Maury Creek Investigation, Water chemistry of stream mouths, E. coli, fish shocking, macroinvertebrates, flying over the watershed, public educationSlides
2013Water-Science Projects on: the Clam River plume, Road end monitoring for erosion, Green belt construction at Butch’s Tackle and Marine, Maury Creek study of macroinvertebrates, public education at the Antrim County Fair.Slides
Letter of Project Completion
2012Water-Science Projects on: Macroinvertebrate Assessment of Shanty, Cold, and Finch Creeks, Storm water Flow Assessment of Shanty Creek, Aquatic Plant Survey of Lakes Bellaire, Clam, and Torch, Fish Population Survey in Shanty Creek, Clam River Plume Assessment, Observations of Fish Shelter Project, Public Awareness and EducationSlides
2011Grass River Tributaries Restoration Assessment 2011 FindingsReport
2010A Shoreline Algal Survey of Torch Lake, Clam Lake and Lake BellaireReport
2009Survey of Food Chain Macro-Invertebrates: Torch Lake & Lake Bellaire 2009Slides
2008Lake Bellaire Shoreline Survey Report
2007Glacial Relicts of the Elk River Chain of Lakes, Antrim, Kalkaska, and Grand Traverse County, MichiganReport
2006Analysis of Hydrolab Profiles for Torch Lake, Lake Bellaire, and Clam Lake in Antrim County, MichiganReport
20051.Total Phosphorus Input and Output of Torch Lake Plus the Watershed Boundary of Shanty Creek
2.Estimates of groundwater entering Torch Lake plus Cedar River watershed and land-use
3.Seasonal Variations of Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Specific Conductivity in Torch Lake Plus Finch Creek Watershed Maps
Report #1
Report #2
Report #3
2004Torch Lake — Flow Rates of Rivers and TributariesReport
2003Beach Monitoring for E.ColiReport