Obtain hands-on experience in environmental science while giving back to the community. Every summer the Three Lakes Association chooses one or more water quality projects that will provide students a rich experience with data collection and water body stewardship as we preserve and protect Torch Lake, Lake Bellaire and Clam Lake.

Past projects have included:

  • Investigation of snail diets to determine their role in Golden Brown algae control
  • qPCR testing to assess the risk of swimmer’s itch and E. coli
  • Large woody debris installation for habitat improvement
  • Removal of sediment from the Grass River
  • Golden brown algae study on lake floors
  • E. coli and macroinvertebrate monitoring
  • Fish assessments
  • Shoreline survey
  • Lake water quality testing

Students who are selected for the internship will be expected to:

  1. Be a student in the Bellaire, Central Lake, Elk Rapids, Kalkaska or Mancelona School district
  2. Spend at least 45 hours of time involved in various scientific activities
  3. Prepare a presentation of the project that will be presented to the TLA Board of Directors on August 24 at 9AM, and posted on the TLA website
  4. Make a presentation about their experience to their school board
  5. Attend an organization meeting May 30, 4-5 pm, location TBD
  6. Attend a training seminar June 1, 4-7 PM, location TBD This will be scheduled at a time that works for everyone.
  7. Be ready to start on Thursday morning, June 13, 8am

In addition to a great experience, students will receive:

  1. Some Schools offer ½ credit on their school transcript for environmental science
  2. A $550 award after completion of the internship requirements
  3. A letter from TLA acknowledging the student’s participation