Executive Director

Jeanie Williams

Administrative Assistant

Lois MacLean


Fred Sittel, President
Rick Doornbos, Vice President
Ed Gourley, Treasurer
Tina Norris Fields, Secretary 

Committee Chairs

Water Quality: Fred Sittel
Education: Steve Laurenz
Membership: Todd Collins
Lake Monitoring Program Coordinator: Cheryl Lynn Fields
Water Safety: Vacant
Publicity: Vacant

Zone Directors

A. Clearwater Township: Tina Norris Fields, Cheryl Lynn Fields
B. Milton Township: Rick Doornbos, Greg Fredericksen
C. Torch Lake Township: Brian Hayes, Vacant
D. Central Lake Township: Todd Collins, Steve Laurenz
E. Forest Home Township: Fred Sittel, Phil Weiss
F. Helena Township: Vacant, Vacant
G. Custer Township: Gary Knapp, Vacant
H. Kearney Township: Duane Drake, Gary Bart

Directors at Large

Leslie Meyers, Norton Bretz, Art Hoadley, Dean Branson, Mike Novak

Directors Emeritus

Len Franseen
Stan Dole

The TLA Board of Directors meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month, except for August and December (unless necessary).