The following document contains information on road-stream crossings within Antrim County which were surveyed in 2011:

Road-Stream Crossing Datasheets

There are two datasheets for each of 24 road-stream crossings. Each road-stream crossing was assigned a number and an code; 01 SCRN = the 1st road stream crossing on Shanty Creek nearest Grass River..the road is a Road to Nowhere. The numbers and codes match the numbers and codes in the photo gallery showing pictures of each road stream crossing. The format of each datasheet is the same format as used by DEQ and MiCorp for their standardized database.

The following are the lists of the surveyed crossings. There is a picture gallery for each of the three streams which were surveyed (click on the stream name at the top of each list).

Shanty Creek Crossings

Site  ID                          Stream Name                  Road Name
01 SCRN                     Shanty Creek                     Road to nowhere
02 SCRR                     Shanty Creek                     Railroad Crossing
03 SCHP                     Shanty Creek                     Old hydropower site
04 SCGRR                  Shanty Creek                     Grass River Road
05 SCM88                   Shanty Creek                     M-88
06 SCPBD                  Shanty Creek                     Pine Brook
07 SCGC                     Shanty Creek
08 SCUC                     Shanty Creek
09 SCCDD                  Shanty Creek                     Creekside Drive
10 SCCSD                  Shanty Creek                     Creekside Drive

Cold Creek Crossings

Site  ID                          Stream Name                  Road Name
11 CCRR                     Cold Creek                         Railroad Crossing
12 CCPR                     Cold Creek                         No name
13 CCCR                     Cold Creek                         Comfort Road
14 CCTR                     Cold Creek                         Tyler Road
15 CCFFR                   Cold Creek                         Fish-farm Road
16 CCAH                     Cold Creek                         Alden Highway

Finch Creek Crossings

Site  ID                          Stream Name                  Road Name
17 FCRR                     Finch Creek                        Railroad Crossing
18 FCAH                     Finch Creek                        Alden Highway
19 FC9310                  Finch Creek                        9310 Finch Creek Road
20 FCFCR                   Finch Creek                        Finch Creek Road
21 FCERE                   Finch Creek                        Elder Road, East
22 FCERW                  Finch Creek                        Elder Road, West
23 FCBR                      Finch Creek                        Bebb Road
24 FCWR                     Finch Creek                        Way Road