For the 2012-2013 school year, TLA provided grants to local schools to help with Science Education.

Here are some of the projects that TLA helped fund in Central Lake:

Central Lake Kindergarten

Reading National Geographic for Little Kids
Reading National Geographic for Little Kids

Shown on the attached picture is current kindergarten student Kortmon Vanniman, holding one of the magazines that was purchased with your grant money. This one is ‘National Geographic for Little Kids’. It is wonderful because the students are able to read much of it all by themselves. Kortmon, who is an outstanding reader, can read ALL of it by himself.

Three different magazine subscriptions were purchased. The other two will begin with the September 2013 issues.

Thank you again for your continued generosity…..
Have a wonderful summer in beautiful Northern Michigan!
-Kari Groll

Central Lake Elementary – Fourth and Fifth Grades

Dear Three Lakes Association,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for your many generous gifts to Central Lake Schools. I would especially like to thank you for the Mimio technology that I was able to purchase for my classroom. This technology has made a huge impact on my 5th grade classroom.

I was able to purchase the Mimio Teach, Mimio Capture and the Mimio Pad. The Mimio Teach system converts any existing surface to a interactive whiteboard, in effect turning it into a giant touch screen.  Students can then interact with a website or software.  The Mimio Pad allows the teacher or student to control the board from anywhere in the classroom. The Mimio Capture component makes it possible to convert writing on the board into a digital format where it can be saved and accessed and edited for use later.

The Mimio system has allowed me to more easily incorporate technology into all subject areas. The biggest impact this year has been in the areas of science and math. The engagement level of my 5th graders was raised immediately. My students could not wait for their turn to go up to the board. Not only was I able incorporate the interactive component of our new math series, but I was also able to take advantage of a vast library of interactive science lessons. I used this system to enhance our learning about the moon, the solar system and body systems.

I am looking forward to finding more ways to use this technology in the next year. I want to better utilize the Capture component in the coming year. Additionally, I am excited to create my own interactive lessons using the software that is included in the Teach system.

This spring I had the opportunity to present this system to the Central Lake School Board. I invited Mrs. Rouch to attend this meeting as well. The CLPS board was very impressed and excited to see how this technology has been incorporated in my classroom.

I am including some photos, as well as video of the system being utilized with the 5th graders.

View the Video: Using Mimeo Video

Thank you again for your commitment and support toward enhancing the education of students in Central Lake.

Michelle Perkins
5th Grade Teacher, Central Lake Elementary School

Central Lake High School

Patricia and TLA members,

Thank you for granting our request for the two physics dynamics carts. These extra carts will allow me to set up more lab groups , with fewer kids in each group, giving each student a better opportunity for direct involvement in the lab activities. We typically do the 8th grade physics unit in the fall, so it won’t be until next fall when I can get you some photos of the kids working with the carts. Thanks again.

Eric Boyce
Science teacher
Central Lake HS/MS