As part of our annual membership appeal, we gather the highlights of our accomplishments for the year. Additional information about many of our projects can be found here on our website.

Through your annual membership, your additional generous financial support, and countless hours of volunteer time, we accomplished the following in 2013:

  • TLA awarded dozens of small grants to science teachers in area schools totaling $6400 for items on their wish list including class trips on the Inland Seas Schoolship for each school district.
  • The Dockside provided TLA with a challenge. Dockside will MATCH all donations to our Science Education Program up to $3000 each year for the next 3 years. With your help, over $4000 was raised this year in addition to the Dockside’s $3000.
  • TLA provided environmental education to over 2000 visitors at several single day events.
  • TLA continued its collaboration with Elk-Skegemog Lakes Association, Friends of Clam Lake, and Intermediate Lake Association, to install fish shelters in our collective lakes, bringing the total installed sites to 47. A map with the GPS coordinates for each location is available on our website. Another 20 locations in 2014 are planned.
  • TLA elected Fred Sittel as our Vice President; Nancy Hanson, Secretary; KC Babb, Dick Williams, Dennis Fitzpatrick and Phil Weiss as new Directors.
  • TLA mentored 4 high school students in a water quality sampler, focusing on stream health, fish populations, a road-end inventory, and the installation of a greenbelt demonstration project at Butch’s.
  • TLA continued its campaign to suppress Eurasian water milfoil. Alden Harbor and Butch’s Marina on Clam River were successfully treated.
  • TLA continued participation in the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations’ Cooperative Lake Monitoring Program. As in the past, we found our lakes to be exceptionally clean.
  • TLA (along with Grass River Natural Area, Torch Lake Protection Alliance, Friends of Clam Lake and Intermediate Lake Association) sponsored two summer educational events, “EWM Impacts and Control” and “History of the Chain of Lakes.”
  • TLA, in partnership with Antrim County, Friends of Clam Lake and several business and homeowners installed log structures in a section of Grass River. As a follow up to our sedimentation studies, we will determine if log structures can improve aquatic habitat and river navigability by deepening portions of the channel impacted by sediment build-up.
  • TLA continued its participation with Elk River Chain of Lakes-Watershed Plan Implementation Team. Activities included preparing for a third forum for local units of government officials.
  • TLA continued its quarterly newsletter of pertinent environmental information.
  • TLA Board of Directors held a retreat this spring to better plan for the future of the organization.
  • TLA volunteers began assessing the health of Maury Creek.
  • TLA’s Executive Director has prepared curriculum for our school districts on the importance of macroinvertebrates in our waterways.
  • TLA, with the assistance of Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, installed a demonstration shoreline greenbelt at the Summit Village Beach Club on Lake Bellaire.

In 2014, your membership and donations of time and money will allow us to continue pursuing our Mission by funding our standing projects & programs and further foster….

  • The solution to sedimentation problems facing Grass River.
  • Monitoring and suppressing Eurasian water milfoil in our lakes.
  • The study of E. coli and its effects on our beaches.
  • The promotion of natural shorelines.

Please renew your membership today and consider donating toward the support of projects & programs! Our watershed thanks you.