TLA is pleased to announce the 2014-2015 SEOP awards. Three Lakes Association is strongly committed to the SEOP program and applauds all of these teachers for their efforts to give their students the best experiences possible.

Bellaire Schools
Ms. Kim Clark applied for, and will receive, the partial cost of the 7th grade Camp Hayo Went Ha experience in the amount of $425.00

Ms. Sue Mills applied for, and will receive, $297.00, the fee for her class to visit Impression Five Museum in Lansing, MI; $165.00 to cover field trip fees to Grass River Natural Area; and $35.00 for a class subscription to Science Spin Magazine.

Central Lake Schools
Ms. Lisa Hoogerhyde applied for, and will receive $275.00, to cover the cost of many and various supplies to facilitate the Science Fair.

Kalkaska Schools
Mr. Greg Beach applied for, and will receive, partial admission costs for the second grade field trip to the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies.  Admission is $10.00 per student; students provided $3.00 each and SEOP grants the remaining $7.00 each, totaling $784.00.

Mr. Andrew McCarty applied,and will receive, for the cost of one Water Cycle Model Activity Set, for $90.00.  Mr. McCarty also applied for, and will receive, 3 Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Kits to be used with the Robotics Club at a cost of $1050.00.

Ms. Lisa Savalli applied for, and will receive, 5 compound lighted microscopes, each with oil immersion lens at a cost of $3026.00.