TLA is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 SEOP awards. Three Lakes Association is strongly committed to the SEOP program and applauds all of these teachers for their efforts to give their students the best experiences possible. This year the applications came from all four of our districts; 2 from Bellaire Schools, 3 from Central Lake Schools, 2 from Kalkaska Schools and 2 from Mancelona Schools. Their requests totaled $9131.66. The SEOP grant committee recommended awards totaling $6213. Of the teachers’ 21 requests, four are environmental field trips, one is an opportunity to bring in a representative from the Jordan River Fish Hatchery to spend a half day in the classroom, and 11 include macro-invertebrates study, river and forest ecosystems study, watershed, water quality and aquatic habitat study, and pollution, greenhouse effects and global warming study. The remaining requests fall in the area of earth science.

Bellaire Public Schools
Kim Clark, Biology II, received $200 Field Trip to Fox River and Whitfish Point
Sue Mills, 4th grade, received $525 for Snap Circuits Jr. Kit for Electricity Unit, $240 for Field Trip entrance fees for Grass River Natural Area and Impression Five Museum, and $180 for Delta Science Readers, Electricity & Magnetism.

Central Lake Public Schools
Kari Groll, Kindergarten, received $37 for Magnets Kit, $44 for the book, Book, Bringing the Rains to Kapiti Plains, and $41 for an Inflatable Astor View 24-inch Globe.
Sally Kinery, 6&7 science, received $1,023 for 6 Wolfe Introductory cordless microscopes and $123 for Plants & Animals Elementary Slide Sets.
Dino Pizzino, 8-12 science, received $908 for an ELMO TT-12iD Interactive Document Camera.

Kalkaska Public Schools
Greg Beach, 2nd grade, received $934 for  Entrance fees for Au Sable Institute Watershed Study.
Paul Guy, 6th gr. science, received  $300 for  1/2 Day Visit from East Jordan Fish Hatchery Biologist.

Mancelona Public Schools
Jenny Angell, Biology, received $210 for a 55 Gallon Aquarium, $80 for Aquarium Filter System & Filters, and $500 for an Aquarium Chiller.  (These items are for the Michigan DNR Salmon in the Classroom program)
Michelle Schuette, 9-12 earth science, chemistry, received $568 for Equipment to Study Environmental Impacts, including 2 Soil Contamination Forensic Kits, 1 Solar Oven, 3 Effects of Chemical and Thermal Pollution Lab Kits, 1 Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming Lab Kit and 1 Enviro-Bond Oil Spill Clean-up Demo Kit.

If you would like to donate to SEOP for the first time or again, please send a check to TLA and earmark it for SEOP.