TLA is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 SEOP awards. Three Lakes Association is strongly committed to the SEOP program and applauds all of these teachers for their efforts to give their students the best experiences possible. This year one Central Lake Public Schools teacher and three Bellaire Public Schools teachers applied for SEOP Grants for the upcoming school year, 2016-2017. In total, TLA granted $3217.50; $780.50 to Central Lake and $2437 to Bellaire. This year yielded a smaller group of SEOP grant applicants which allowed TLA to fulfill of all the requests, leaving an amount in our treasury which will be carried over and added to next year’s grant funds. Our annual budgeted funds are $6000.

Bellaire Public Schools
Kim Clark, Biology II, received partial funding for two away-from-school experiences, one for the entire seventh grade class and the other for her high school Biology II class.
Sue Mills, 4th grade, received unding for a classroom website license to enable her students to use “Gizmo”, an interactive science and math website.
Chris Vandergriff, Seventh and eighth grade science, received partial funding for two fields trips to GRNA, one for his seventh graders and one for the eighth graders.

Central Lake Public Schools
Kelly Barry, 3rd Grade, received funding for a mobile light cart and spectrum bulbs to supply it. The light cart will be used in Kelly’s third grade classroom to aid in growing plants harvested from a memorial garden outside the elementary school entrance.

For more information on this year’s awards, please read our July, 2016 Newsletter.

If you would like to donate to SEOP for the first time or again, please send a check to TLA and earmark it for SEOP or Donate online.