Four years ago, the Dockside -Torch Lake Restaurant provided TLA with a challenge. They offered to MATCH all donations to our Science Education Outreach Program (SEOP) up to $3000 each year for the 3 years. Members met that goal each of the three years.

Now Dockside has gifted TLA’s SEOP $2500 which we hope to match this academic year. With your help we can continue funding the program at our current average of $6000 each school year.

The Three Lakes Association Science Education Outreach Program (SEOP) helps cultivate stewardship of the watershed in the hearts and minds of our young people – the next generation living within the watershed. Our strategy has been to work with science teachers and students in the Central Lake, Bellaire, Kalkaska, and Mancelona school districts.

By offering supplemental assistance to local science educators, we have enriched the environmental science curricula. Science teachers are invited annually to submit a grant application for equipment or experiences relevant to their grade level curriculum and state guidelines that enhance science instruction but are not within the budgetary means of their districts. TLA awards as many grants each year as its budget will allow. To date, we have provided almost $70,000 to our partner districts!

In order to continue this program, we need your help. As our water quality and safety programs  expand, our ability to sustain the current awards is in jeopardy.

  • $25 secures a subscription to National Geographic Kids for a 2nd grade classroom.
  • $50 provides a Watershed Field Kit to a 5th grade class.
  • $100 assures that a middle school biology class can dissect worms.
  • $250 sends four classes to the Grass River Natural Area for a customized field trip experience.
  • $500 outfits a high school biology class with 3 compound microscopes.

The benefits of the program are great. Preparing our young people to be better stewards of our environment speaks for itself.

Take a moment and help us match Dockside Torch Lake’s challenge to assure that the SEOP is funded for this year and beyond. You can now donate online or fill out this SEOP Pledge Card and send us a check!

You can donate online, safely and securely, through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) by pressing this ‘SEOP Donation’ button now: