For a highly productive lake, Clam Lake water quality is very good. The Spring 2004 analysis demonstrated high levels of oxygen down to 25 feet, and low levels of nutrients like phosphorus. The Summer 2004 observations were similar. Water clarity continues to improve with average Secchi readings of 17-20 feet. These results are double the observed Secchi depth in 2000. The dramatic improvement in water clarity is mostly due to the increase in zebra mussel population. People using the lake are reporting more cut feet and hands as the number of zebra mussels increase. There is no viable solution to the zebra mussel problem other than to scrape them off of surfaces and remove sticks and shells to which they have attached from the water. Fishing has been adequate, with pan fish, Northern Pike, and Small-Mouth Bass, being caught. Three Lakes Association conducted a shoreline algae survey of the lake this past summer and found 9 significant algal sites in Forest Home Township waters and 4 in Helena Township waters. These sites indicate possible failing septic systems and homeowners will be informed of possible remedies.

TLA Combined Report for Lake Bellaire and Clam Lake