To apply for a TLA SEOP Grant you must use this online application.

You can request up to 3 separate events or activities on this form. If you have additional requests, please complete another form. Please order the items in your list, starting with the one you want most. For each event or activity, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of Event or Activity
  2. Description and Rationale: Give a description of the experience this grant will fund, the intended learning opportunities, and how it relates to your curriculum. Be sure to answer: Why is this experience needed for your students?
  3. Expenses or Materials: This grant is intended to cover costs related to direct experience with nature, science, and science experts. Please list the items or expenses needed to make the experience happen: fees, transportation costs, equipment, materials. Give quantities where appropriate, and detail the costs of each item, including shipping if applicable.
  4. Timeline: When do you plan to offer this experience? Is it a one-time event, or will it result in multiple encounters? Please include how this experience will be integrated into your curriculum.
  5. Anything else you want to tell us?

Please be sure to review the Feedback Agreement prior to submitting your application. Thank you.